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October 25, 2010

High school in the mid-90s was easy for me. I was a 4.0 student, had a job working 25 hours per week, was a top rated musician in the state, played basketball, and as far as vices, I didn't swear, drink, do drugs, or have sex. I think I was a pretty good kid. I did, however, have a horrible relationship with my parents. My father was a workaholic. I, typically, only saw him 2 minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening. My stepmother hated me, and eventually, I hated her right back.

The tension my brother and I were in their relationship could be felt as soon as you drove up the driveway to our upper middle class home.

The bad blood between my stepmother and I came to a tipping point when I was a senior in high school. She slapped my brother (a year and a half younger than me) across the face for putting his fork in the dishwasher tines down instead of tines up. Up to this point, I was obedient with a somewhat bad attitude - I did what I was told but typically with a muted huff and puff.

This abusive event changed the relationship from a simmering hatred to a boiling tirade of cuss words, demeaning insults, and a verbalization of my complete lack of respect for her. So began my last year in the house. We avoided each other as much as possible with accusation after accusation of insult, wrong-doing, etc. My father was caught in the middle of love for his natural children and not wanting his marriage to dissolve. I remember reading a letter he had saved to his computer while I was using it for homework. It mentioned the fact that she had pulled a gun on my dad and threatened him. He was begging her to be reasonable and to stay. Being in such a hateful frame of mind toward her, that letter caused me to not understand my dad. How could he stay with someone that treated him like that and treated my brother and I in the manner we were treated every day? I wanted out. I had no idea what a "family" was.

As I began the college selection process, it became easy to see that I was going to go far away. So, I choose the college furthest away that gave me the most money in scholarships. My dad dropped me off at the airport with a suitcase and I landed a few hours later to discover that he had not arranged for me to get from the airport to college (a 3 hour trip). I had 2 family members in the area, so I called one and she helped me get on a bus the next day. I arrived at school with nothing I needed:  no sheets, no supplies, just the clothes from my dresser that fit in the suitcase I lugged across town to the dorm I had to ask directions to 50 times. Having worked so much in high school, I had some money to stock myself up, clothe the bed, buy my first winter jacket, and begin the college experience.

Up to the first night in college, I still had not tasted alcohol, smoked anything, or had sex. That all changed within a week. My RA asked me what I was doing that first night. When I responded I didn't know, he promptly took me to a party where I got wasted the first time. After that night of freedom from punishment and that first week of freedom from the tension and hatred of my home, I can remember walking back to my dorms after the third or fourth day of classes thinking I could be whoever I wanted to be. I could rewrite what defined me, and so I set about doing just that...just not the right way.

By the end of the first month, I had developed a habit of getting drunk at least 4 nights per week. I had several sexual relationships with different people. I had begun casually smoking cigarettes, and by the beginning of the second semester, I was smoking marijuana at least 2-3 nights per week. I also began to introduce the other honors students in my dorm to these vices. After second semester, I was on academic probation and was at risk of losing a significant amount of scholarship money. My father was furious, so he told me I couldn't come home for the summer. I am sure the house was much different without me there and he was not looking forward to re-introducing me to the mix (my stepmother and I did not have a single phone call my first year of school). He came up to school, checked me out for the summer, and dropped me off at a location of the corporation he worked for. I had never lived by myself, and soon figured out, I had no clue what I was doing. I met a young man there I had known as a child (his family worked for the company my dad did, but they had been transferred when we were kids). He was more of a druggie than I was and introduced me to some other drugs and a lifestyle of being constantly high.

I returned to school as a sophomore and lost my scholarships and was so lazy that I did not apply for student aid in time. Thus began the never-ending process of going to classes each semester I was not registered for because I could not pay and asking professors to let me attend while I straightened out student aid. Typically, I got financing during finals week for the semester that was about to end. During this year, I got caught up in the urban, rap lifestyle. This led to my beginning to sell drugs to bolster that false persona. In my junior year, I moved out of the dorms and increased the drug dealing to pay for my apartment and other stuff (some good, some bad). I was working 40+ hours per week at 2 jobs and going to school (sort of...skipped more classes than I attended) and maintaining the always partying attitude. My father was a millionaire by this point, and this only frustrated and angered me more, especially considering the financial aid problems that constantly weighed on me (my own fault but easy to place the blame on my father).

I began a job working at a movie rental store at the beginning of my junior year. There, I met a girl whom I began a serious relationship with. She had many of the same problems I did: drugs and alcohol, etc. We began to spend all of our time together. We moved in together. We lived in one of the big party houses at the college we went to, and we constantly partied, got wasted, and did whatever we wanted to.

The spring break of my junior year, we went to Nashville, TN, together to visit her brother. He took us to church and at the end of that service, I large black woman grabbed my girlfriend, turned her toward her, and told her,"God loves you and wants you back." My girlfriend melted in her arms. The lady began to pray for her. When I would visit my natural mother in the summers, she would take us to a very charismatic church. I had seen things like this up until high school during those summer trips. I had a sense of what was going on but was really excited to get back to school so that I could get back to some partying since I had been gone an entire week.

After our return, the event with the lady and my girlfriend was affecting us both. We began to party less and talk about God. I called my mom and asked her to send me a box of stuff so that when I read my Bible it made sense (not that I was reading my Bible - or even had one). She sent the box. And the transformation of my life began in earnest.

I opened the box, and, literally, felt God jump out. It knocked me over and onto the ground. I went to get up but felt like if I got off the ground I would die because the presence in the room was so holy and I was so evil. I could feel God in the room, all over the room. I laid as flat to the floor as I could (when I finally got up my nose and forehead had rug burns on them from my trying to melt into the carpet to save myself from dying). For three hours, I watched a movie in my mind about my life. From the perspective of the Holy Spirit looking over my shoulder, I saw myself lying to people, stealing from friends, sleeping with women, doing drugs, corrupting others. I also saw a volume knob in my mind slowly turning down the voice of the Holy Spirit in my life who was telling me, "This is not who I made you to be. This is not who you are. You know this is wrong. This is not your destiny." In the end, I could not hear the Holy Spirit, my conscience, because by ignoring Him my whole life, I could do whatever I wanted without feeling bad. He was still talking, I was on a different frequency.

At the end of this "movie," I said aloud, "Jesus, make me clean." The feeling I was going to die lifted immediately. I felt clean and I got off the floor, put in a worship CD from the box, and cried for three hours because I felt so bad about what I had done, and so thankful for the new feeling I had. During this time, I heard God say to me (not audibly, but in my mind), "Stop doing drugs, stop drinking, stop sleeping with your girlfriend, and I will take care of you." I said back to Him aloud, "I will do those things, but You had better be real and show Yourself real to me or I will go back to what I want to do."

My girlfriend and I quit drinking and doing drugs. Our sexual relationship didn't quit completely but we worked on it. Two simultaneous things happened at that point. One, I was walking home from class and saw a sign on a small retail shop asking for an assistant manager. Two, my girlfriend and I began looking for a church.

When I called about the manager position, I was told that it was not really available, that the sign had been put out to gauge interest. I sold them on interviewing me and got the job. All of a sudden, I went from working two jobs (the movie rental store job usually meant working until after midnight and the other was tough to get consistent hours at) to a job that paid me much more than I had ever been paid, gave me benefits, and allowed me to schedule work around class time for the most part. Soon after becoming the assistant manager, I was promoted to manager of another location after the manager left. The manager at my original location also left soon afterward, and I was promoted to multi-store manager, got a pay raise, and at the end of my first year was named as one of the top 100 managers in the company of 2500 locations. God had taken care of me financially.

I visited 2 churches, or tried to visit 2 churches, on my way to finding my spiritual home. The first location, I later found out, was the right place to go, at the right time, etc, but the first 2 Sundays I went, I could find no one there. No singing. No cars in the lot. Nothing. The third week I went to another church and it turned out to be my place of salvation. I walked in and began crying with the first song which was a song that I had always loved when I went to church with my mom in the summer. I was invited to dinners, home groups, special meetings, etc., and within a few weeks, my girlfriend and I were grafted in. We were meeting with people who taught us how to hear God's voice, how to know His destiny for us, how to read His Word, and how to love Him. God had taken care of me spiritually.

My girlfriend and I were reminded that we shouldn't be living together before we were married, so she moved in with a family from the church. This was a great test of our relationship as all we had was each other. We had barely been apart a night since we had been together. That family taught her about marriage and raising a family. I asked her father if I could marry her, and eventually, he said yes after leading us through a very powerful book study. We were married. God had taken care of me relationally.

Now, I have a great job that has challenging responsibilities and great pay. I have the same loving wife and 4 kids who love me, their mother, and the Lord. I have helped many kids to know my story and, in doing so, have tried to help them avoid what I went through. I mentor and guide young adults in their lives and marriages. God has done everything for me He ever promised He would do and more. There are a myriad of stories within the story about miraculous deposits in our bank account to pay bills we didn't have money to pay, about becoming the man of my house and providing the safe/secure environment my family needs, about friendships so deep they will never run dry, about fathering so loving and sincere that I will never be fatherless again, about destinies and generations changed forever because of what God whisper to them through my mouth. These stories can be your stories. Your stories will be greater. Your love will be stronger. Your peace will be deeper. Your faith will be unshakable. If you do what I did, ask Jesus to make you clean. And when you feel all that life has piled on you fall off, thank Him and show Him your appreciation and resolve by treating Him like the one true, real God He is.

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